Saturday, June 12, 2010

Trent said his good-byes to Josh, Tori, and Peyton in the bottom part of the Temple parking lot. Tom, Tyler, Jeaniece and I drove Trent into the MTC parking lot. They have it very organized. They directed us to drive down the hill and as I looked we saw a "Sea" of smiling Missionaries! It was great! They were all happy and excited to great the new missionaries. I really liked doing this much better. We pulled over to a curb when they directed us to do so. We got out and unloaded Trent's suitcases from the truck. Two missionaries came up to us and started talking. The next thing I know they were having us say "good-bye." They guided Trent up the hill and took his suitcases. It went very smoothly. I didn't cry because I felt sad, I cried because it was so wonderful. I felt like I was dropping him off to go to EFY. I did have a hard time when I got home. I decided to not go downstairs to his room yet. I couldn't walk into any of my son's rooms when they left for almost a month.

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