Sunday, May 8, 2011

This picture is called "Furlong Office." I do not know what it means but I posted it because it must be important. He is sending a package with more pictures. We can't wait for it to come.

Trent also sent us some pictures of him in the office. I am not sure of the cake. It may be Trent's birthday cake but the date on the pictures it was taken the first part of February. Maybe they celebrated it later.

Trent sent us more pictures of another baptism. He said this sister, Edda, is going to be a wonderful member.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

It has been a few month (five or six) since we posted on Trent's blog. Jeaniece and I lost the password we needed to post his information. We finally found it today during Conference. Yay! We decide to post the pictures we received from him and then go back and look over his emails to post later.

Can't wait to hear from Trent this week! He told us last week he had sent a package. Since we didn't get the Christmas package he sent us we sure hope this one get to us safe and in one piece. We decided to post the two pictures Trent emailed us of some of the scarfs he is sending us. Lets hope the package comes but most importantly we want him to get our package we sent him.

Trent's second baptism. He said this sister will be a wonderful member. She is a hard worker and ready to be a member. He sent us the pictures on March 5th. It is nice to see the pictures come in through email. He hasn't been able to send his photo card home since most of the things he sends takes too long to arrive in the states. We also worry that the card could be lost in the mail.

Trent was moved into the office just after Christmas as a secretary over mission materials. He said he has to do a lot in moving missionaries around and also taking care of packages. When he and his companion were taking two other Elders to their new apartment they were in a car (Van) accident. They were not seriously hurt. He sent pictures of the accident to reassure the family he was okay.

He said the man that hit him was drunk but the police said it was their fault. The Elders couldn't understand why when they were the ones hit by the man as he was going though the intersection. The police told them there should have been a stop sign at the intersection where the missionary van was going through. He told them the missionaries should have known to stop. They all thought that was funny. How would they know a stop sign should have been there!

On November 29th Trent sent us pictures of his first baptism. I am not sure when the baptism happened but we loved getting the pictures!

Just after Trent had his eye accident he ended up having foot surgery too. When he went to the doctor's on his eyes the doctor notice he was limping. He asked Trent if why he was limping had anything to do with the explosion. Trent said it wasn't but that his toes hurt. The doctor looked at his toes and saw both toes had ingrown toe nails so he preformed foot surgery so he could walk better. Thankfully he had this done. Knowing Trent, he would never have said anything and would have just endured the pain.

November 8th: Pictures of Trent when the boiler blew up and the flames went up his glasses and singed his eyelashes and eyebrows. He told us he felt prompted to were his glasses that day and to not put in his contacts. The doctor told him if he hadn't have wore his glasses he would have damaged his eyes or maybe had gone blind. Thankfully he listened to the promptings!